About Us

We started this journey in 2011 after a health scare.  After numerous doctors appointments, numerous co pays, and no real answers we started doing our own research.  We were trying to figure out 2 unrelated issues, or so we thought.  After countless hours and determination, everything kept pointing to one thing, GMO and processed food and how it affects our gut, and ultimately our body.  This was shortly after having our first child so we needed to be making better food decisions anyway.  Gone with the sugars, processed, inorganic, and gmo foods and also gone was the weight and health problems.  After taking on an organic diet free of processed foods there was one thing that still troubled us.  We had always trusted the FDA and other organizations that were supposed to be looking out for us.  We thought by reading labels and taking the word of these organizations we would be fine.   After learning more about such organizations we knew we had to look out for ourselves.  We decided to make another change and move out of the city and buy a house with some land so that we could raise and grow our own food.  Well we got carried away and kept building and adding.  So we figured why not sell our extra goods to other like minded people and here we are.  We know that it’s hard to have a 100% organic diet but we hope that we can help you achieve better food one bite at a time.